Our founder

“I am passionate about healthy food, I was working on it every day for our brand Holy Berry. But I noticed that I barely took the time to have a decent and fresh lunch. I think we all know that kind of situation. You are working, you are in the right flow and you forget to eat. Either you spend a lot of time in the supermarket, or you quickly reach for something unhealthy that you have nearby. But you have lost that work flow anyway.

As an interim solution, I drank those meal shakes for a while. They are nutritious, but of course they are not a complete meal. After a few weeks, I was tired of those shakes as cold porridge. Literally, because that's how they taste. I then started looking for a good alternative: a quick and easy meal, which is still healthy and nutritious, and for which you do not need a fridge or freezer. Something that you always have at hand if you want to eat quickly and fresh between your busy activities. That's how Stashed was born.”

We’ve taken our passion and developed fast food that is actually healthy


  • Instant and FRESH: can both be combined? Yip. Our meals are freeze-dried, by which water is removed from fresh ingredients at low temperatures. Freeze-drying ensures almost all of nutrients are preserved. By adding hot water, you’ll get a tasty and healthy meal. Just like you prepared it yourself.

Ingredients with integrity.

We choose nature based ingredients because clean, pure and natural is what we want to give to our body! At Stashed we use ingredients with integrity and honesty to bring you quality at an affordable price. Choosing more natural products does not mean you have to spend a fortune and we are committed to keeping it that way.